Watertown Education Foundation

What is the Watertown Education Foundation and how did it begin?

In the fall of 1990, engaged Watertown citizens assembled in a conference room at Watertown Savings Bank to discuss establishing an entity charged with aiding improvement in the town’s commitment to education. With their perseverance, the Watertown Education Foundation emerged.

The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation with a Board of Directors that are active within and throughout the community. It formally organized under Articles of Organization on April 29, 1992 to promote educational excellence in Watertown Schools. This Foundation was the vision of several residents, members of the business community and educators of Watertown and has continued to include all facets of these voices as the town and Foundation has grown.

The Watertown Education Foundation’s mission is as follows:

“Promote continued improvements in the Watertown Public School system by supporting superior teaching and educational leadership, assisting programs to benefit students, staff and parents, strengthening Watertown’s commitment to excellence in education and encouraging support and participation of all citizens, businesses and friends of Watertown in that process.”

The initiative to start an education foundation for Watertown was a recommendation in the Watertown Public Schools Strategic Plan for 1990-1995, initially developed through a community and school partnership. An Educational Foundation is simply one way to continue that active partnership in supporting and enhancing educational programs and community services. Since its inception, the Education Foundation has awarded more than $125,000 in grants to educators and school programs throughout the district.

The Foundation’s inception developed from a readiness demonstrated within the school system and the community; this joint partnership continues with an effective sharing of community spirit. The Watertown Public Schools implemented a professional development program for teachers, and the basis for the foundation encourages and financially supports teacher retraining and innovative pilot programs in the school district.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month
from September through June at 6pm in the Watertown Savings Bank main office.
The Annual Meeting is generally held offsite

This website provides an opportunity to answer some of your questions about this organization. You can also find information about our activities, fundraising events and our grant program. Information on becoming a member and making a donation to the foundation is also available.