Our Mission

The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation with a Board of Directors. As such, it extends the concept of school/community partnership in several ways. Since it receives no tax dollars, the Foundation is independent of the Town and School Department, yet works cooperatively with both. Unlike public agencies and PTO’S, the Foundation can create an endowment to generate long-term financial support.

The purpose of the Watertown Education Foundation, Inc. is to:

“Promote continued improvements in the Watertown Public School system by supporting superior teaching and educational leadership, assisting programs to benefit students, staff and parents, strengthening Watertown’s commitment to excellence in education and encouraging support and participation of all citizens, businesses and friends of Watertown in that process.”

An action plan was developed at the Strategic Planning Retreat Day held in November, 1998.

Seven priorities emerged from input received from board members:

  • To raise visibility of WEF in the community
  • To expand involvement and participation in WEF activities and Board initiatives
  • To develop, refine, and improve Our internal procedures and communication
  • To raise funds for the WEF
  • To educate ourselves
  • To refine and communicate effectively the grant process
  • To partner with others in the community